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TRECODER® Products

ACMI Forestry Products Division manufactures TRECODER® brand tree-marking and boundary marking inks.  The result of years of intensive research, weather-o-meter and field tested, these inks are the preferred marking products of many forestry professionals. 

TRECODER® brand inks are scientifically formulated for superior brightness, visibility, permanency and adhesion to bark.  They penetrate bark irregularities, even wrapping around the underside of raised bark.  They are non-settling for fast, trouble-free application every time.  They'll never clog your gun or other spray devices regardless of temperature.  They come in sprayable or brushable styles.

TRECODER® brand inks are available in five types to match your specific application.

                          *Temporary - For marks lasting up to one year
                          Regular -     For marks lasting two years or longer
                          Super -        For marks lasting three years or longer

                          Brush Boundary - For marks lasting eight years or longer
                          Spray Boundary - For marks lasting eight years or longer

Available in 3 sizes - quart, gallon and five gallon pails
Sold in full cases only:
12 quarts per case
4 gallons per case

*Temporary Trecoder Minimum = 168 quarts or 40 gallons.

Freight allowed for orders of 120 gallons or equal volume in quarts.

All TRECODER® brand inks are available in 8 vivid colors
Brush Boundary also available in Purple.

  Custom TRECODER® Tree Mark Identification

yellowpaint.gif (1170 bytes)
orangepaint.gif (1170 bytes)
bluepaint.gif (1301 bytes)
greenpaint.gif (1170 bytes)
redpaint.gif (1175 bytes)
blackpaint.gif (1170 bytes)
whitepaint.gif (1224 bytes)
tangerinepaint.gif (1170 bytes)

Please note:  Colors displayed are approximate representations of the product.

All are available in No-Lead formulations upon request.

Other TRECODER® Products

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