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American Coding and Marking Ink Co. Inc. was established in 1971 by Robert S. Sweet, a chemical specialties consultant, to fill a void left by the closure of a local ink manufacturing company. In 1986, Robert retired, and his son Thomas became president. Thomas began his career with ACMI in the production department in 1971. Over the years, he has worked in all operational areas. December 2013 brought exciting change as Thomas Sweet Jr. took over as President after 18 years with the company.

The company's first products were inks and solvents used by supermarkets as well as general purpose marking and stenciling inks. In the early 1970's, when the government banned the use of FD&C Violet #1 in meat branding inks on short notice, ACMI was one of the companies asked to help supply reformulated meat branding inks, to meat packers who found themselves unable to use the ink they had on hand.  In 2001 ACMI was the 1st company to register their meat branding inks with NSF.

ACMI also discovered a great need for the development of inks for special applications. Throughout the country, companies were developing new products and processes and needed inks to meet new requirements. As the years progressed, ACMI developed a large number of special application inks, including high temperature resistant, epoxy, tree marking, IR transparent, optical scanner readable and many more.

ACMI has also leveraged its manufacturing and R&D expertise to custom manufacture dye solutions, pigment dispersions and other non-colored chemical mixes, as well as manufacturing government specification rubber stamp ink for the GSA and stamp cancellation ink for the US Post Office.

ACMI Departments

Customer Service Department: ACMI's customer service department is available M-F 8:00a.m. – 4:30p.m. Eastern Time and voice mail, fax and email are available after hours.  Our customer service department is knowledgeable about ACMI inks, a variety of applications, substrates and a wide range of requirements involved in the marking process. Orders are accepted by phone, fax or email and confirmed by email.

Laboratory: ACMI's highly skilled and knowledgeable laboratory staff provide a valuable service to both our customer service staff and our customers, as they continually strive to solve the many problems associated with ink marking. State of the art laboratory equipment and intensive quality control procedures help to ensure the very highest standard of quality. Our staff of chemists is committed to ongoing research and development of new products.

Manufacturing Department: ACMI's inks are made to order and our manufacturing department is committed to quality and customer satisfaction.  Recognizing that occasionally orders are time sensitive, every attempt will be made to expedite the production of an ink, if a customer requests that we RUSH their order. For details and a quote on our Rush Charge, inquire with customer service.

Shipping Department: ACMI's shipping department is committed to shipping orders within our lead time of 5 business days, packing the ink so as to ensure arrival in optimum condition. For overseas shipment, ACMI's shipping department offers an overseas packing service.

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